It’s a pleasure to welcome you to my blog. I’m incredibly excited to share my stories, my mind and Magic with you. I can already hear some of you thinking; “What is all of this hippie nonsense?”. Stick with me, one of my best friends once said to me; “We each have our own dictionary.”. We all see the world with different eyes, in different colours. In some or arguably all cases entirely different worlds.

Magic is everywhere. Every single moment the impossible happens. Sometimes we notice, but all too often we don’t. We might be too caught up checking our Facebook feed, Instagram likes, Whatsapp messages or planning our social life. We’re too distracted all of the time and this caused some serious damage on the quality of our lives. If we keep missing out on Magic in our lives we might forget what it means altogether. We could be chasing things we don’t actually want all of our lives and miss out on what was right in front of us the whole time.

Ironically, I’m no stranger on missing out on what’s right in front of me. Ever since I was three years old I’ve been blind with my right-eye.  While I was growing up I realised that in some way or another I had to make up for this deficiency. Naturally I started becoming more aware of my senses, surroundings and most importantly my intuition.

A voice inside would tell me what the atmosphere in the room was before I entered. It would tell me which ‘random’ number to pick when I was in need of luck or it would whisper me if an accident was about to happen. This little voice has saved me more times than I can remember. There’s no blessing I could be more thankful for. It guides me wherever I go and it has led me to a life fueled by Love, Joy and Magic.

Fun fact, you are made out of stardust. Pretty Magi… Epic, right?

Besides telling the world all the stories I’ve in store, the main purpose of this blog is to share wisdom. For a long time I’ve felt inadequate to do so. That was mostly because I was a big mess myself and I had become quite unsure whether all of the spiritual work I’ve been doing had helped me or destroyed me.

“So which one is it?”.

Well, the answer to that question is not so simple, it’s actually both and neither. My journey of realising ‘Who I Am’ destroyed every single thing that I once knew to be Myself. It destroyed all of my knowledge, my perceptions and opinions. It’s been confusing and frustrating, but at the same time it’s been the most valuable thing I could have ever done.  What I consider to be ‘my life’ right now is extraordinary, but actually it’s not my life at all.

“Those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it.” 

Get to know me and discover the Magic